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Hippo 8 Hour Virtual Workshop

Originally designed for white-identified yoga teachers, this immersive body-focused workshop has been opened up to any white identified human who aspires to engage cross-racially and wants to limit their potential for causing harm.

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Upcoming Dates TBA

Price:  $150-350*

To register click, click the button below. You will be directed to our Network for Good donation page. Please add your registration request in the comments box and we will add you to the registration.

All proceeds go to furthering the mission of Mandela Yoga Project

*This workshop is priced on a sliding equity scale to make it as accessible as possible. We encourage you to pay what you can from the range above. Thank you!

In This Workshop, Participants Will:

Gain knowledge of how stress, trauma and whiteness operate in our bodies. 

Gain skills for increased awareness of the body/mind connection as well as body-based practices that improve the flexibility and resilience of their own nervous system.

Gain knowledge of the origins of race-based stress in white humans.

Have opportunities to practice these tools while experiencing race-based stressors.



This foundational work is designed to provide the seeds of fortitude for participants to continue to engage mindfully and effectively in anti-racism work. 

About the Hippo Workshop

MYP founder Jeffrey Thomas named this workshop after the Hippopatumus, one of the most territorial and lethal animals on earth, but often thought of as a gentle, water-going giant.  He conceived of the workshop in response to his yoga-teacher colleagues (all white women) asking him how they could be of service in the work of making yoga more inclusive and accessible. His response has been to ask them to turn inward and work on themselves, to investigate the deep currents of systemic white supremacy and racial oppression that live unconsciously in their bodies and that often wound BIPOC within the mercantile model of yoga and our culture at large.


This workshop is designed as the first step in this process. 

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