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Scaling delivery of trauma-informed

yoga to public health crisis

communities, led by trained


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About Mandela Yoga Project

Our mission is to scale the delivery of a new system of free yoga that is designed to address stress, racial trauma, and chronic health conditions in public health crisis communities and is offered by residents themselves who are well-trained and well-compensated yoga teachers. We believe that access to yoga - a proven therapeutic modality - is an issue of social justice. 

We work to disrupt the mercantile model of yoga and yoga teacher trainings that center white practitioners and teachers in and from predominantly affluent communities. 

What We Do

Named for Nelson Mandela who transcended circumstance

and championed racial reconciliation 

We envision a world where those affected by the American public

health crisis of racism are empowered to heal their own communities

with the proven integrative health benefits and emotional wellbeing

of yoga that is offered - without regard to income - where they

live, work, worship, and play. 



Mt. Tamalpais College and MYP began to collaborate to create Mandela Yoga Studio at San Quentin Prison — a virtual studio in the form of a library of high quality yoga videos featuring BIPOC yoga teachers and practices that speak to the specific needs and conditions..


Immersive trainings for white-identified folks interested in embodied anti racism.


Learn more and register below for our upcoming workshop.

Mandela Yoga Project, Inc. is a black-led, early stage 501(c)(3) nonprofit start-up founded by yoga teacher Jeffrey Thomas, who lost fifty pounds and gained control of his diabetes with the help of yoga -- while his sister died from complications of the disease. 

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Mandela Yoga Project was started by Jeffrey Thomas to honor his late sister, who died of complications of diabetes. Himself a diabetic who overcame obesity and depression with the help of a mindful form of yoga, he became a yoga teacher.

Our Supporters 

Our fight to make yoga accessible is made possible, in part, by the support of 251 donors to the 2018 GoFundMe free yoga campaign and the David & Lynn Eikenberry Charitable Fund.

MYP's founding institutional supporters include: The Foundation for a Mindful Society (publishers of Mindful Magazine), Yoga Alliance Foundation, The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, Steve Phillips & Susan Sandler, and Kat Taylor. 

Our current fiscal sponsor is Root Cause, a national non profit consulting firm that strives to eliminate disparities based on race, class, gender, and geography by partnering to design, implement, and measure strategies that enable more people to achieve lifelong success. 

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